This instant classic is a fresh, clean, crisp blast of sophistication. The soothing and smooth aroma of rich sandalwood and touch of rose will leave you feeling like royalty.



You read that right; beard oil is NOT for your beard. This is important enough to state twice. If you were already unsure as to how beard oil works, or why you might need it, you might really be confused now.


Beard oil will NOT create new hair follicles to grow out of your face however, it is a specially formulated blend of oils designed to help with your SKIN, which in turn dramatically improves your beard growth and overall health. Your body produces oil naturally called sebum oil, but as you grow a beard, your new-found follicles pull the oil away from your face leaving your face extremely dry. This dry skin is what causes many beard problems such as beard itch and irritation, flakey dandruff, and slow, unhealthy beard growth.


Beard oil exists to moisturize your skin which will eliminate any of these issues and help promote better beard growth. A good beard starts at the foundation, and beard oil is a must-have for beards of all lengths, textures, shapes, and sizes.

Sandalwood +Rose Beard Oil